What others think :

Great service, prompt contact and service and very well priced.  We absolutely will be using Ben in the future.
Carpet Court

Having acquired a nice new PC and Broadband package, things should be ok – yeah right! Thank goodness for Ben. He came to the rescue and fixed up the PC & the Broadband. At the same time, he fixed some other PC problems. His service was excellent & he was willing to share information (which most Techies don’t). I would definitely recomend Ben.
Greg H

Could actually understand what he was talking about and new what he was
doing all the time which is a welcome change to computer techo’s.
Will definitely use again. AA++
Wade M
Diverse Distributors Rotorua

After experiencing various issues and not knowing who to turn to we stumbled upon Ben, what a find, friendly and efficient with a knowledge he was only to happy to share. Went the extra mile and didn’t break the bank. Highly recommended
Darrell Holder

My sons computer had crashed and burned, caused by an unprotected power supply “TAKE NOTE” very important that we all use surge protectors. Then along came Ben. Within a short period of time he replaced the mother board and CPU. Ben then inspired my son to advance his wish to become a computer engineer by supplying him with literature and other pieces of hardware to study on. Since then my son has enrolled at the polytechnic to start his studies.
Thanks so much Ben. Your inspiration and professional work ethic is a credit to your industry and especially your own business.
Mike Scully
Latitude Homes BOP

This is a bad news/good news story. I recently had problems with logging into Hotmail. Couldn’t sort it, so went into ( removed for leagal reasons) in Rotorua. Just hopeless, the guy dealing with me said the problem couldn’t be fixed, turned his back on me and went away. As email is now my primary means of communication, to be told that the problem I was experiencing was insurmountable was pretty depressing. Rather than accept this advice, I tried Ben, and the service I got was excellent. Quickly, he dealt with the problem, and also gave very constructive, and unsolicited  advice on other matters, and his charge was very reasonable.
Phil Alley

We are a Motel that was having problems replacing our failing wireless network (Sulpher issues).  After two other companies had tried and failed, Ben was able to sort it all out for us.  Yes, there were some issues along the way, but Ben is not one to give up easily.  After relocating trnsmitters, running some extra cabling, and sorting out ‘a name that was too long (SSID?)’ all is well.  We can now confidantly say we have high speed wireless broadband  available across the property and in all of our apartments.  Thank you Ben.
Ron Hunter
Malfroy Lodge

Recently I had a major with my computer. I contacted Ben (for the first time) who took charge of my problem, sorted it out, comunicated with me fully his recomendations and then carried them out with my blessing. He had my computer clean as a whistle and running A1 when he said he would.  It was first class service from a great computer tech guy who knows his job
well…I most highly recommend him. AAA+++
Maurice Hilton

I had just brought a second hand laptop from a friend of a friend, looked great seemed great until I took it home. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with it the sound and everything stopped worked and it wouldn’t even start up properly. My Computer Guy (Ben) took it away and by the time it came back if it wasn’t for all my photos, data etc still being there exactly
how I left it I swear it could have past for a brand new laptop! I was so happy everything was working great. I was extremely happy with the extra effort he put forth into making my laptop work great and even added extra programs such as word documents etc to help with laptop use. I no longer get frustrated when trying to use it, He explained everything about the problems and new programs so that I could clearly understand. I’m very happy.
Hannah Vooght

Wow’!!,bout time we had a comp IT guy who speaks in plain engliish and knows his stuff without any BS.Will definitely use again and will pass on to others….highly recommended
Grant and Rachel Sims

My old laptop had died and I had a new one not properly setup. Ben took both computers and set the new one up with everything I need plus files from the old laptop loaded. I also now have a spare useable hard-drive all this with friendly service, reasonable cost & good explanations. I rate him A+
Sue Frahm